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Petition for Venice

Venice is going through a very difficult time, and needs the support of all those who, in various capacities, care about its future.


Concerning tourism, Venice should take some brave decisions to limit the flows that are harming it in favour of other forms that are better suited to its highly sensitive and exceptional nature.


We are therefore asking all high-end tourism agencies and buyers to sign this petition in order to raise awareness and encourage Venetian operators and competent institutions to take these important strategic decisions.


If you support these principles, join your colleagues from all over the world to ensure our influential voice is heard, together for Venice.

This video is a homage to the city of Venice on behalf of René Caovilla -

Directed by Oliver Astrologo

Choose life for Venice!

Switch now towards sustainable and aware forms of tourism that can guarantee a new future for its businesses  in synergy with the city’s social fabric.


Petition​ for Venice


The recent floods in Venice, caused by exceptionally high tides, were a powerful reminder to the world of the critical issues facing this unique city, a World Heritage site. 

Its fragile ecosystem is being seriously undermined both by the sea and a form of tourism that is unsuited to its distinctive nature, with devastating effects on its socio-economic fabric.
The current insatiable flows are desecrating and corrupting the city, poisoning its environment and destroying its way of life.  

The earnings generated by this tourism are illusory, with the city ultimately reporting heavy losses; for this reason, many destinations in Europe and worldwide have already abandoned this model or are now doing so.

Venice should now look at the new, more sophisticated, advanced and aware forms of tourism that are posting double-digit growth compared with tourism in general. These offer new opportunities that can guarantee sustainable economic development that works in synergy with the city’s social fabric. 

The international environment is therefore favourable to Venice taking these brave decisions to promote the types of tourism that are better suited to its highly sensitive and exceptional nature.

By signing this petition for Venice, high-end tourism demand-side agencies and operators urge the competent institutions and operators to choose “Life for Venice”, and courageously make the strategic switch towards tourism flows that are more appropriate to the city’s distinctive and delicate nature, and are able to guarantee a future to its businesses and its residents.

Ludovico De Luigi:  Visioni sognanti su tela

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