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Padre e figlia
There are many ways to travel: for fun, to relax and get away, to explore and learn, or all these things at once. Each mode vehicles specific demands that require adequate answers, which often vary from case to case.

Maverick Café  is a place designed for those looking above all for authentic experience of their destination’s people, culture, land and values. This, in turn, involves a comparison with their own world, their convictions, their customs, even their most intimate sphere.

It is the spiritual enrichment that derives from this that generates those unique emotions that will stay with them forever.

Welcome to Maverick Café
Born 2B Unconventional

When planning a trip, what do you expect to find when you arrive at your destination?
Every suitcase holds an empty metaphorical corner to be filled with an indelible memory, because after all, this is the essence that drives one to close the door and leave.
Today's tourist seeks memories, craves emotions and new experiences. He wants to satisfy his curiosity and wishes to have new stories to tell when he returns.

Maverick's aim has always been to find the key to interpreting the needsof high-end tourists, intercepting trends and, thanks to data analysis and field experience, becoming a tool that can create value for those who plan and offer unique and unusual trips.
We are talking about destinations that are no longer just a destination, but a treasure chest of experiences and offers that enhance an area.



Gastronomy. Tourism. Travel design.

I am a passionate explorer and connoisseur of the world of hospitality, gastronomy and experiential tourism.
I write to share the beauty, culture and uniqueness of all the destinations that fascinate me the most.

As host of the Maverick café, I want to make it a place of inspiration and discovery, where stories are preserved and told, and where the window offers a glimpse of the future of tourism.


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