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What it is

MICE in MED hub  is a virtual meeting and exchange platform for demand-and supply-side operators on the MICE and high-end tourism market in the Mediterranean basin.

How it is organised

MICE in MED hub is structured by themed area and experiential environment that form the basis of the client’s travel choices.

It consists of modular stands, presentation spaces, areas dedicated to networking, the Agorà – a large multimedia auditorium equipped with the most innovative 3D technology – and the experiential area dedicated to augmented reality.

The virtual structure is completed by reception, information and support desks.


What it does

MICE in MED hub is an exceptional promotional and B2B/B2C contact tool that enables buyers to easily and immediately identify destinations, structures and services in the Mediterranean area that meet their needs, visit the respective stands, view and download videos, brochures and documentation, and interact directly with contacts at the stands or in dedicated networking areas.

The Agorà hosts a packed calendar or conferences, panel discussions, projections and multimedia presentations, which, included in the platform’s podcast, are available to watch again.

Among these, “Discover the Spirit of the Mediterranean” is the themed webinar programme dedicated to the experiential excellence of destinations and regions in the Mediterranean, led by influencers, famous journalists and actors.

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MICE in MED Hub hosts "Inspiration"  the MICE Trade Show Preview 

In the months in which buyers will build their tourism schedules "Inspiration" the MICE Trade Show Preview will play a complementary strategic role in preparation for the MICE Trade Show, which will take place in Venice in autumn, enabling operators to promote their offers and interact beforehand with over 30,000 buyers. For their part the buyers can find winning ideas and new inspiration from the most exclusive Mediterranean destinations and venues.

The breakdown of the offer into various experiential environments, and the immediacy and ease with which buyers can reach contacts that meet their requirements is a prerogative that only the virtual environment of MICE in MED Hub   can guarantee.

Furthermore, the absence of restrictions in terms of space and time means buyers can easily access the platform when it is most convenient to them.

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