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At my signal, unleash hell!

Updated: Jun 18

We are experiencing the most delicate moment of this COVID-19 ordeal.

There are many problems that operators are facing as they reorganize in the face of an unprecedented and unknown commercial landscape.

The same situation, though reversed, is also being experienced by buyers worldwide.

From the survey and interviews we are conducting, a great deal of disorientation is emerging, with many awaiting signals from the markets that will allow them to organize and restart in a manner consistent with the contexts and needs that demand will represent.

For operators, it would be quite reckless at this moment of waiting to expose themselves with proposals that, in the absence of precise references from the markets, risk being insufficiently contextualized or aligned with the needs of demand and consequently marginalized.

In markets dominated by uncertainty, there is an ominous calm, seemingly devoid of prospects.

It is the "calm before the storm," deceptive, because in reality, beneath the surface, everything is simmering frenetically, ready to explode.

We do not know what kind of storm will present itself; the coming weeks will determine that, but we can already predict its variables.

The restart will certainly happen, and it will especially interest the high-end segment, but it will be very swift and will feature unprecedented modalities, far from the known frameworks so far.

Certainly, we can already imagine that the traditional hospitality setup will be inadequate to manage it, and therefore, operators—whether buyers or suppliers—must prepare to operate in new commercial scenarios, vastly different from the traditional ones.

Whatever it may be, a tsunami will unleash in an unparalleled context of global competitiveness, an all-out assault to secure positions and market shares in key markets.

The stakes are extremely high because everything is at play and nothing is taken for granted.

Most positional advantages have been destroyed, and traditional market logics have been upended. All of this within a few weeks of this health emergency.

The new scenarios that will emerge will therefore require new tools and new methods.

The apparent calm of the markets should not deceive us because now is the time to sharpen arrows and swords and prepare to face a great battle where clarity of objectives, determination, timing, and rapid action will be decisive.

Strength and Honor!


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