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How is the Meeting Industry changing in the post-COVID-19 era?

Updated: Jun 18

The Focus of Eureka MICE International

One of the great uncertainties in this post-COVID-19 phase is understanding what the future scenarios for tourism, and particularly the Meeting Industry, will be.

With the exception of the congress sector, which has a well-defined schedule enriched by the many events postponed during the lockdown phase, tourism markets in general are experiencing a period of stagnation due to the uncertainty and fears produced by the pandemic regarding the evolution of the virus and its timings and modalities.

Additionally, there are changes in trends in most high-end segments—which we had already observed in recent years and extensively written about—that no longer conform to the logic of the traditional tourism industry and that the lockdown and pandemic alarm have forcefully accelerated.

We are faced with a new, unprecedented scenario that offers very few points of reference for buyers and demand-side operators, and in its complexity is disorienting.

To try to understand how situations will evolve and to provide our operators with reliable indications, we are analyzing the markets and consulting with key buyers.

We will consequently produce specific focus reports on the findings obtained as we proceed.

Stay Tuned!


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