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Discover the majesty of the Alps from the most scenic golf courses

The Alpine setting is certainly among the most fascinating areas to enjoy the beauty and relaxation of an 18-hole journey.

There are many golf courses that have sprung up in unique settings, intended for both people who live there and tourists who decide to combine their favorite sport with exploring Alpine destinations.

The morphology of the territory lends itself perfectly in the design of courses that can allow to develop on wide expanses in the green without disrupting the environmental sustainability of these areas, thus managing to offer an extra service and give value to places that could be in certain contexts underdeveloped thus creating a new awareness in the knowledge of new travel destinations.

In fact, it is not only playing golf that determines the traveler's choice, but experiencing the emotions and exploding the senses unleashed by different destinations. People look for what is authentic, meaningful, and can connect tourists with the local culture through a sport that is celebrated and played around the world and unites practitioners on golf courses with their passion.

What are the benefits of doing golf tourism?

Improving one's performance and discovering new challenges in different settings and climates. Or discover the history, heritage and traditions of a destination in the moments when you put your clubs in the bag and decide to explore the area around the course.

Never forget that the context of golf clubs is always attentive to the use of excellent ingredients, and it is therefore possible to breathe in the international context while tying taste to the territory, discovering new flavors, production methods, specialties.

Golf is sport, nature and mental well-being. And also it is a way to involve more people fond of the sport by creating networks, connections.

There are many alpine attractions that offer the possibility to practice golf in their territory.

In Italy, the Dolomites are a great setting for playing golf; the provinces of Bolzano, Trento and Belluno are some of the places where centers of excellence for practicing golf have sprung up. Unique destinations for practicing winter sports that transform and become 18-hole courses unique as a setting.

Switzerland, with its breathtaking views of the Alps also has some famous courses. Crans-Montana or St. Moritz often share resorts that combine golf and wellness.

The reputation and image of the destination is therefore central: Golf tourists may also be influenced by the perception and awareness of the destination as a golf tourism destination. They may be attracted by destinations that have a strong brand identity, a positive word-of-mouth, or a high media exposure.

Have you ever chosen to travel to partake in your favorite sport? Do you believe that sports can change the perception of a destination and thus a tourist's choice in choosing their next trip?

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