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Experiencing the Portofino Coast

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Some of the experiential emotions of the proposals

Portofino, Santa Margherita, Rapallo, Camogli and Sestri Levante: five destinations of great appeal, diverse and complementary at the same time, forming a world-famous touristic district, Portofino Coast. Immersed in the local lush natural environment, where sea and mountains merge in landscapes of extraordinary beauty, the three cities retain the atmosphere of fishing villages, characterized by typical colourful architectures, genuine lifestyle and a strong maritime cultural heritage.

Sunset in Camogli

Porto Santa Margherita

Portofino Coast

Sestri Levante

Traditional destination for high-profile tourism, this extraordinary stretch of Ligurian coastline (not far from Genoa and its international travelling connections) offers a broad and diversified range of attractions.

Elegant fashion shops, authentic artisan workshops, delicious patisseries and gourmet delis invite visitors to leisurely explore and shop in the shadow of the carrugi.

Small restaurants and characteristic canteens offer a taste of local delicacies to be enjoyed, according to the season, outdoors among pergolas and terraces or in the warmth of cosy rooms; luxurious hotels offer the very best in welcome and comfort, while the many boutique hotels and lovely bed & breakfast invite you to relax, surrounded by beauty.

Hotels in Portofino Coast

In here it becomes easy to experience enthusiasm-filling emotions born out of aromas, fragrances, flavours, and intense connection with the surrounding nature and the sea.

Sailing Regatta in Portofino Coast

The sailboats re-entering the ancient harbour at Rapallo, the fish market at Santa Margherita, the lovely walks through the hills, and the stunning fireworks displays are all elements of an authentic and teeming life: this places - no matter their celebrity and touristic allure - still maintain their identity, impervious to the standardized, anonymous all inclusiveness of so many other Mediterranean locations.

Such a distinctive personalization, paired with meticulous care in the planning of every project, is what Consorzio Portofino Coast can offer to make of every event organized in this area a truly special experience: formed from the partnership of several local tourism professionals, it now represents the most qualified touristic offer in the entire district.

San Fruttuoso

Many suggestions can be offered to perspective visitors, to be enjoyed one by one or blended in a one-of-a-kind series of experiences and memories. Here are some hints you can build on to plan a MICE event far from stereotypes, in line with the genuine, enduring charm of these places.

Gourmet suggestion around the Portofino Coast

Gastronomic offer in Liguria varies from area to area, reflecting the characteristics of a land nestling between the mountains and the sea. Dishes are light and low-fat but rich in flavour, thanks to the masterful use of local produce as the aromatic herbs of the coast, enhanced by the delicate taste of Ligurian extra-virgin olive oil.

Ligurian cuisine makes lavish use of mushrooms and wild herbs: borage, used in the stuffing of fresh pastas like the famous pansoti, to be dressed with nut sauce; basil, main ingredient of the celebrated pesto; pine nuts, olives and their by-products like extra-virgin olive oil and tasty olive pâtés.

The focus of course is seafood, caught daily by the fishing fleets of Camogli, Santa Margherita Ligure and Sestri Levante, whose tastiness is exalted in traditional recipes. The typical focaccia is unforgettable in all of its versions (with onions, sage, black olive pâté, and the famous focaccia di Recco with fresh cheese), as are the farinata made of chickpea flour, and the vegetable pies and traditional pasta fillings that perfectly combine with light and mouth-watering seafood dishes; or the pandolce and other traditional desserts that, like all the delicious food we mentioned, are famously accompanied by the prized red and white wines of Liguria.


To discerning gourmets the Portofino Coast offers extraordinary itineraries dedicated to local eno-gastronomic traditions, combining the beauty of the landscape and the joys of the palate. Tailor-made, personalized itineraries can be organized, to get you to know local traditions, visit production sites and taste typical local produce. Tasting menus, personalized cooking classes, cooking shows, and visit to olive oil mills offer an even wider range of gourmet experiences that can be enjoyed while surrounded by the lush greenery of the Parco di Portofino: an unrepeatable opportunity for food-and-wine lovers!

Outdoor Experiences on the Portofino Coast

Sailing in Portofino Coast

Team sailing

Team Sailing is a very special format of outdoor training, quite successful in enhancing managerial skills whiting a corporate group; at the same time, it is a very enjoyable and inspiring activity to fully experience the sea and the emotions it arises. A sailing boat becomes the metaphor of a reality in which the team that clearly setting everybody’s role and responsibility, works cohesively to reach a goal, is the winner. Sailing teaches to manage emotional bursts, to manoeuvre in limited spaces and reach excellent coordination among participants. In the extraordinary scenery and panoramic views of the Riviera Ligure di Levante, this experience becomes truly unforgettable. Sailing in the waters of Golfo del Tigullio and Golfo Paradiso, surrounded on the land side by the verdant Parco and on the seaside by the blue Area Marina di Portofino, will be forever etched in the mind and the hearth of whoever experiences it.

Canoeing in Portofino Coast


Paddling on a canoe along the sinuous nooks and crannies of Portofino Coast allows you to discover all the most charming details of a coastline among the most precious of the Mediterranean. Within the Area Marina Protetta di Portofino, the main attractions for a kayak excursion are the coastlines of Camogli, San Fruttuoso, Paraggi, and of Portofino, its gem. However, all of this splendid coast is worth discovering with a good paddling, moving beyond the boundaries of the Parco di Portofino, either towards Genoa or Chiavari. Reaching the Portofino lighthouse by kayak at sunset time, and enjoy an aperitif in the warmth of the last rays of sunshine, rates no doubts among the most memorable experiences.

Bird Watch


The promontory of Monte Portofino stretches in the Mediterranean, separating the Golfo del Tigullio and the Golfo Paradiso, in the territory comprising the municipalities of Camogli, Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino. This natural park on the seaside, created in 1935 and since the ‘70s managed by Regione Liguria, is the northernmost protected coastal area of the western Mediterranean, easily accessible through its panoramic trails of varying difficulty, suitable to all hikers.

Set in this extraordinarily beautiful scenery is one of one of the greatest varieties of plant species in the Mediterranean area, as well as an array of wildlife and important architectural remains, offering an extraordinary combination of rural and maritime cultures.

Cristo degli abissi

Walking along its trails, immersed in the verdant Mediterranean flora, or looking towards the clear waters of the Area Marina Protetta di Portofino is surely a memorable experience for all nature lovers. Guided excursion can be organized, with stopovers along the slopes of the Monte, to taste typical products of local gastronomy.

Rapallo Golf Course