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Forecasting MICE scenarios post-Covid-19

Updated: Jun 18

Flash previews

Driving the restart will be the Congress segment, which will be the hard core of the MICE market, with the certainty of programming and the relocation of the many events postponed due to the health emergency, many of which are looking for logistical contexts more suited to the new health requirements.

The top range in general will be the first to start up again, but in new ways, based essentially on tailoring mechanisms.

Experiential events and wellness will lead the way, but for the part related to the world of Well-being: relaxation in contact with nature. The relaunch of the SPAs, on the other hand, will have to wait because it will be affected more than any other segment by the changing health situation.

High-end wedding will restart, but in the medium term.

The economic and financial crisis induced by the COVID-19 emergency will hit the Corporate segment the hardest in both the short and medium term.

More details follow


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