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Maverick Cafè Journal n.4: Arena, Amore, Amarone. The three A of Verona

Once upon a time there was an Arena, yet it was a place left to itself. Certainly not abandoned, but not the cultural star of a city that is now a world-recognized pride and symbol.

There is one man, tenor Giovanni Zanovello, who, with his resourcefulness, perseverance, desire to emerge and a vision truly out of the ordinary, was able to give his Verona a treasure to be managed and enhanced.

Opera, which has been delighting the seasons of this city since 1913, beginning with Giuseppe Verdi's epic Aida still performed to an increasingly curious and international audience. The first A, the brightest and most powerful.

At the Maverick café we witnessed the exciting performances of those who export Opera all over the world. An exclusive, surprising situation. Exciting in the poignant voices of the sopranos and baritones who made us spectators of a unique performance. An immense gift to the Maverick Café hall and a memory still alive today.

Amore, Love, is perhaps the word that most connects in the collective imagination, thanks to Shakespeare, an engine still driving and always strong to attract tourists from all sides of the world, ready to swear eternal love. And if the queues under Juliet's balcony are long and far from romantic, why not swear these sentiments on the Castelvecchio bridge, in the streets of bohemian Veronetta, in the alleys off the beaten path of the historic center.

Just look toward the hills north of the city, where Valpolicella projects us toward the pre-Alps and the wild Lessinia to find the third A. Amarone, the wine par excellence of these lands. slightly withered, deep, robust. With violet tones and an inimitable red. Born by chance? Born through genius and intuition? Here we fall back into legend. You need stories to create a myth, and the Valpolicella wineries and wine shops of Verona have done just that. A bottle that has become an icon and an absolute myth. Ambassador of Italian fine drinking throughout the world.

To speak of Verona today is to enter a vast land full of cultural and natural stimuli that few destinations in the world can offer.

A must-visit destination for an Italian Grand Tour, whatever you wish to accomplish during your trip.

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