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Maverick Cafè Journal n.5: What a Maverick Life!

How does the world still manage to surprise us? And how can travel still surprise us? To experience, to get excited, to experience what we cannot do at home. Sometimes you need to travel around the world, sometimes you just need to turn the corner.

Maverick life is an ode to life, travel and discovery!

Only the most curious can write the book of their lives by filling it with adventures and amazing activities.

In Venice we wanted to tell the essence of all this.

The energy of places, the Earth at its best with products and wonders to be seen. The power of nature, the role of man in the virtuous and respectful relationship with it.

If Maverick Cafe is a gathering place for authentic travelers, What a Maverick Life is the essence of stories to be told.

Have you ever thought about the magnificence of the bear in the Slovenian forests living, playing, hunting in its natural habitat? A destination like Slovenia, attentive to biodiversity and engaging its tourists with its many outdoor offerings, manages to amaze its visitors with an immersion in the grandeur of its forests in search of these majestic mammals.

And have you ever experienced the powerful energy of an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea? Land of unique biodiversity, but above all land of true and sublime hospitality. Where the design of places blends with the amazing nature that surrounds it. Mindfulness beyond mindfulness, which only the Island of Pantelleria and places like Sikelia can transmit to you.

And the relationship between man and nature becomes even more mind-blowing when in the wild Sardinia, the wildest part and still far from the classic destinations knows how to recover a place and make it a paradise of hospitality, flora and the goodness of the products of the earth. Exciting is the ability to create with one's own hands and ingenuity an enchanted place, a treasure chest of inimitable experiences. Ask Ros'e mari and the family that runs it how incredible a journey into the most virtuous hospitality can be.

Northwestern Italy sometimes forgets but has a portentous heritage of food and wine products that the rest of Italy envies and sometimes does not know thoroughly.

Pesto, however, among the sauces that have made a fundamental mark on Italian gastronomic culture reigns and amazes tables around the world with its rich flavor and incredible greenness. An official recipe does indeed exist, but we wanted to investigate the culture of Ligurians related to this product and we find that every family has its own recipe and dosage. And that, too, is the beauty of cooking. Perfection in popular cuisine does not exist, there is only inspiration, tradition, word of mouth, and the product when it is good for real.

But going up a little higher, Piedmont literally hides underground one of the most incredible natural delicacies in the world. A story that binds man, land and dog in a hunt for the white truffle. Precious and flavorful, celebrated at great events and on the world's most exclusive tables, the truffle is a true adventure that smells of the earth to be experienced inside a plate of tajarin or in the woods in the company of the faithful tabùi and one's guide.

Tell us your idea of Maverick Life.


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