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Maverick Cafè: the first live event about the stories of people who travel differently

What happens when you bring together people who share a passion for travel, but who live it in an original, innovative, and sometimes even a little crazy way? What happens is that Maverick Café was born, the first live event organized during the MICE Trade Show in Venice, dedicated to those who love to discover the world in an authentic and unconventional way.

Maverick Café was born at the beginning of the year with a grand plan and a vision that gradually became clearer and clearer. We want it to make it the place to tell and tell about ourselves. To convey emotions and share with our community unique, out of the ordinary, in a word, authentic experiences.

For our first live event we chose a special location, the Procuratie Vecchie in St. Mark's Square, brand new and with an auditorium that welcomed many selected travel and lifestyle journalists, ready to listen to the stories of the personalities and destinations that took the stage on November 16th.

We had the pleasure of having guests from many different destinations take the stage, telling us about their adventures around the world, their challenges, their discoveries, and above all, their way of being maverick, that is, of following their own path without letting stereotypes or conventions affect them.

We savored the sparkling taste of Prosecco, the wine that expresses the lifestyle of a unique territory in the world, among hills, villas, and historic villages. We listened to the stories of those who produce, host, and promote this golden nectar, and we toasted together to life and travel.

We traveled among the food and wine identities of the Mediterranean, discovering two iconic destinations for gourmands: Slovenia and Sicily. Learned about their riches, traditions, and flavors, thanks to the testimonies of those who live and love them.

A special moment dedicated to the Venetian character, the authentic and original one, which is expressed in the arts, crafts, and cuisine. We met five characters who embody the spirit of this unique city in the world, who told us about their passions, their challenges, and their creations. We admired their works, which are testimonies of an ancient and ever-living culture.

We attended an exclusive performance, which took us into the magical world of opera. We listened to the voices of talented artists, who gave us famous arias and surprising novelties. We also discovered the secrets and curiosities of this musical genre, which has made the history and fame of Verona.

A first edition that we would like to call a success, because of the interest aroused, the themes that we managed to explore, and the results that we then read in the following days in the different newspapers that wanted to witness this event.

The appointment can only be for next year, for a new Maverick Café even more engaging and with even more destinations to explore!

We look forward to seeing you there and thank you for following us so far. Keep writing us and having us tell you about it, and of course follow us on all our channels, where you will find many more Maverick travel stories!


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