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Maverick Café Journal n.1: Stories from a naturally sparkling land

Intense is the poignant green of the contours that mark and draw the hills of the Treviso area where the most precious quality of prosecco is produced.

What was once the glera grape and a wine to pass the days, over the years has become an icon of Made in Italy, a symbol of an entire generation of new wine lovers.

You have to be good at creating an identity so strong, so sparkling. Knowing how to make yourself stand out not only in the Veneto, but all over the world.

We invited to our café those who love these lands, those who have been adopted, those who have made them even more unique and iconic through genius and history.

Fizzy why? because wine after all is a means of narrating the territory, a fil rouge or rather blanche that allows us to experience the hills in their fullness, looking beyond the rim of our goblet.

Hills that are home to sports immersed in nature: biking, walking, flying. The Giro d'Italia that often passes this way at the Muro del Poggio or among the miles of roads that cross the vineyards. The new Cammino that allows us to immerse ourselves in these lands with the slowness of our steps making us marvel at every glimpse.

The hills seen from the top of a hot air balloon, admiring the up and down of the roads, the vineyards dotted with farmhouses and ancient but shining villages.

A hospitality that lives and offers increasingly immersive and varied proposals. The innkeeperless Osteria that makes us drink and eat well in a unique setting. Without the innkeeper, but with delicacies that thousands of travelers have tasted, celebrated and recounted on their return home. Unique experience born from the intuitive genius of Cesare De Stefani, a true custodian of Treviso life of yesterday and today.

The charm of hotels and villas that with their restaurants want to draw on a plate a territory so rich in products that go well with a bubbly and sometimes even better with one of the lesser known, and perhaps even more precious, reds.

Impossible not to stop at one of the wineries now increasingly careful to make their bottles sparkling, but also the life of the fabulous settings where they are located.

One can get lost, find oneself in places that recall distant, almost exotic landscapes, but after all, one is only a few steps away from the Venice lagoon and with a view that fades into the inimitable Dolomites.

So much life passing this way, so many stories to tell of those who come, stay and then leave.

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