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Maverick Café Journal n.2: Mediterranean F&W identities. Sicily and Slovenia gourmand destinations

Ever since Maverick opened, we prefer to talk about a destination, a unique experience every time. But it happens that there is a need and a desire to bring into dialogue two realities that we love and that have more to share than what on the surface might not be so glaring.

Slovenia and Sicily, someone at the Maverick Café asked "why?" Gourmand destinations, sought after by food and wine enthusiasts, good food, sincere lands.

We wanted to talk with two women who live these regions and to whom they dedicate their professional lives in different fields.

Being a gourmand destination is territorial planning, making dreams and needs concrete. But also to offer in concrete a unique, delicate, sublime hospitality service.

Volcanic lands or borderlands, for strong and determined souls.

Wines that tell of harsh lands but rich in life, food that knows how to excite in all its forms. Hailed by guidebooks or in their most sincere and genuine version, dishes that from hotel breakfasts increasingly careful to propose the uniqueness of a place from the moment they wake up, wish to tell and make curious visitors and travelers travel through dishes as well.

After all, even a well-made dish is a journey, it is worth the ticket, it becomes an emotion to live and an experience to be told.

Experiencing these places challenges producers and those who want to make hospitality the postcard of an area. Getting to know them and visiting them is an honor, a true pleasure for the eyes and soul.

Aiming at food and wine offerings also means deseasonalizing a destination, and we have aprlocated about this, delving into a theme that will increasingly concretely touch so many tourist destinations that we have yet to discover. Isn't it beautiful the idea of being on a Sicilian island when there are only a few people left or among the vineyards resting on the hills in winter, where it is thus possible to live and feel that place for real?

A territory is told through a drop of oil on local grain bread baked in the morning. A cheese from the goats that only on the volcanic slopes live and produce their milk. A glass of wine among the vine-covered countryside of Brda. The picking of an Aeolian caper. the natural savoriness of the vegetables and grapes that grow and ripen just steps from the sea.

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