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Maverick Café Journal n.3: Carattere Veneziano. Five characters share their stories

Like a Café, at the same table telling us what Venetian Character is. A way of life, a vision, a city through the eyes of six men who continue to forge the idea of a sensitive and changing city, assailed by a world going faster than it, but strong enough to want to be part of it.

Venice is the place that hosted the first Maverick Café, but across the square was the home of the first Café, the eternal Florian.

And these men keep alive professions and skills that they increasingly ardently try to pass on to future inhabitants of Venice, or try with visionary projects to create small territorial economies of goodness and products of the lagoon. Osti in Orto is an amazing example of how to make the synergy between nature and man fundamental, bringing to the tables of restaurants that truly want to offer Venetian goodness products born from the perseverance and tradition of these lands. And so everything changes when you can really taste all the flavor of Venice on your plate. Not only fish, but vegetables and fruits that have found a home here and given birth to historic and inimitable recipes.

Also true protagonists were the textiles of three characters who were able to embroider and weave each in their own way the character of Venice. Nicolao and his scenic costumes featured in Hollywood prductions and major theater productions, Puppato and his celebrated bespoke suits that have dressed and still dress world greats. The Bevilacqua weaving mills, which today more than ever preserve 18th-century machines in a unique workshop just steps from the Grand Canal, a true treasure trove of artisan knowledge in the hands of a select few weavers.

A city suspended over water needs boats, and character also comes from the relationship with the lagoon, from the inspiration of those who still design and build these craft today. Shipwright Da ponte wanted to tell us about the perseverance, the engineering art of building boats still made by hand. Amazing and jaw-dropping.

What then does it mean to hand down Venetian Character? Who is the janitor today and who will be tomorrow?

Tourism will increasingly be an integral part of this city and its canals, and those who live the city will have an obligation not to pander, but to teach respect for those who love and preserve this city in its uniqueness.

venice, a city light, fragile but for strong characters. Home to spirits out of the ordinary.

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