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Olive oil tourism is a journey of discovery and delight of the Mediterranean liquid gold

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Olive oil is one of the most emblematic products of Mediterranean cuisine and culture.

It is also increasingly used in cuisines far from the Mediterranean diet for its benefits, thanks to its natural antioxidants and fats that help keep our body healthy, always without exaggerating.

Over time it has transformed from a condiment to a cult product. And so it has attracted attention and interest from those who use it and want to know more about its history, its production, the alternative uses that can be made of it.

Thus it became an opportunity. For producers, for territories that naturally and historically cultivate olive groves, making these plants an essential part of the landscape. We are talking about Catalonia and Andalusia in Spain, Puglia or Sicily in Italy. But we cannot forget the excellent productions perhaps less known in the Balkan region such as in Croatia or Greece. And moving further east, here is Lebanon, Turkey. Or the coasts that overlook the Mediterranean of Morocco. And these are just few examples of the hundreds of territories and regions where olive oil is a treasure kept safe by their inhabitants.

It is a form of experiential tourism that is increasingly taking hold, which allows visitors to discover more and immerse themselves in the culture of this liquid gold, from its production to its consumption and the use in different ways. It is a journey of discovery of natural and historical landscapes, traditions and culture of territories.

Oleotourism is often associated with wine tourism, but the activities that distinguish it are similar but all its own. Discovering the world of oil means reconciling the pleasure of your culinary curiosity with different types of tourism. Outdoor, with trekking and bike rides or horseback riding to discover the places where oil is produced and cultivated. Or imagine a tasting done directly at the mill, often in pleasant places, where you can learn to understand the differences between one plant and another, a blend, the pairing with other dishes of the territory that enhance its characteristics. Or inside a spa, increasingly present in luxury resorts immersed in the nature of oil and wine cultivation, with products designed and created specifically using oil, olive leaves, everything that the plant can give to our body, where you can experience the beneficial effects for skin and hair. Or think of an olive harvest, actively participating in a fundamental moment in the life of a resort that allows you to fully experience this moment of sharing and real life.

Oleotourism is much more than a discovery of olive oil, it becomes a rediscovery of oneself, of confrontation with other people, whether they are travelers or locals who work the land. Finding inspiration and meaning in the journey you undertake.

In the next episodes we will explore territories and hospitality realities that have made oil their highlight, their main value on which they have built a business, their uniqueness and a narration for their guests.

What comes to your mind when we talk about oleotourism?

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