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Sardinia: the island of unique experiences

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Sardinia landscape

Francesco Cetti

That Sardinia is a different, unique place, had been clear already to Jesuit Francesco Cetti, who in the XVIII century was among the first naturalists to study the island environment, and wrote: “Nowhere in Italy you can find what exists in Sardinia, nor in Sardinia you can find what lives in Italy”.

Inimitable in every way, Sardinia has kept intact its identity, avoiding a homologation that plagues so many Mediterranean locations. Three are the key elements of its unicity: authenticity, that is, the opportunity of fulfilling authentic and genuine experiences; sensoriality, the potential of enjoying this destination through all your senses, and, last but not least, immersivity, or the possibility of merging with the place and with local culture.

Sardinia Giant's tomb

The island is indeed intersected by its ancient history, testified by the charming (and in part still mysterious) nuraghe, menhir, domus de janas and many other archaeological remains; it is characterized by native fauna and flora that map out peculiar and evocative landscapes; moreover, it holds on to gestures and rites whose roots run deep while being quite cherished today, and are light years away anni luce from the folklore ‘for tourist use’ now present in many other locations: should you participate in just one of the hundreds of processions, country and religious festivals, you will immediately perceive how deeply authentic this is.

Sardinia folklore

Elements like these can tempt more exacting and curious visitors, who would rather not restrict their wonder and admiration to the admittedly splendid beaches, either wild or equipped (for sunbathing, diving, snorkelling, windsurf, sailing and so on), and are keen on searching for new adventures, novel discoveries, new emotions.

Sardinia diving

This vast territory, for the most part still scarcely anthropized, maintains several protected natural reserves, and is especially recommended to holydayers looks for dynamic outdoors activities like trekking, hiking, climbing, practicing horseback and cycle-tourism and soft adventure.

The destination is also perfect for gourmets searching for great food and wine experiences, as the whole island is an immense reservoir of culinary traditions, declined in terms of sustainability, of “farm to table”, DOP and IGP products, great for a precious and discerning slow tourism, keen on tasting great wine & food as well as maintaining the well-being that can be obtained and maintained thanks to an healthy diet, based on genuine heart produce.

Golf in Sardinia

Sardinia's appeal is not limited to the first-rate, super-equipped resorts of the southern part of the island (ideal for the organization of events of all kinds as well) or the glossy, shiny luxury of the always splendid Costa Smeralda, with its bays and views, its top level hotels and golf courses, its yachts and famous nightlife lingering till dawn among cocktails and music; it relays also on the enchanting charisma born out of the beautiful simplicity of its stone villages, its handicraft (in particular the handmade knives, the famous and inimitable pattade), its herds of grazing sheep, its springs of clear water, woods of cork oaks, roaming wild little horses and the small fishing boats going out at sunset.

Sardinia Handcraft

Romantic and sensual, Sardinia is also a perfect wedding destination, not only because of the many excellent facilities, ideal for parties, receptions, banquets and honeymoons, but also because of its ongoing centuries-old wedding traditions, that transform an ancient memory into a present-day dream, hopefully as lasting.

wedding in Sardinia

In the pages to follow you will find thematic cues, helpful in gaining an impression of what this destination offers to whomever plans to visit, or setting an event in here. Our heartfelt suggestion is to further your understanding of this land, not stopping at the first perception or experience, as positive as it will certainly be: this land does not fully unveil itself immediately, but loves to be discovered little by little, thus always surprising visitors with new experiences to be lived and remembered.


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