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Breakdown: US traveller trends

Updated: Jun 18

The survey conducted between 20 and 22 April by Overseas Leisure Group, one of the largest luxury travel operators with headquarters in Miami and 41 offices in 34 countries worldwide, among a sample of 2,000 US travel enthusiasts revealed the following.


71.5% are already planning their next holiday

35.4% plan to start travelling again this summer

18.4% this autumn

13.3% postpone any plans until next year.

28.8% make no forecasts


26.6% will travel to the USA

13.4% in neighbouring countries

31.7% plan to travel further afield

41.9% want to stay in the USA

35.3% choose Europe

26.1% choose trendy seaside resorts

18.9% small reserved islands

13.8% cities

8.1% in wellness spa lodges

7.8% choose glamping solutions

Daily budget per person

15.9% between $500 and $1,000

39.7% between $250 and $500

11.4% over $1,000

32.9% less than $250


82.6% are experiencing this moment as a pause, certain that after the emergency everything will resume as before

17.4% believe instead that the way they travel will change forever


54.3% between 30 and 50 years of age

32.3% over 50 years old

13.4% under 30 years of age

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