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Ordinary rate

€ 800.00

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Special rate

€ 500.00

Small boutique hotels
(less then  25 rooms)
Historic venues (non-hotel)
Experiential activities

Amounts with intra-EU VAT under the reverse charge procedure

A receipt shall be sent when we receive payment, and will be followed by a regular invoice

The cost includes

  • Participation in MICE Trend Inspiration platform project til 31st December 2022

  • Branded stand, to be customised and set up by you, with videos, banners, posters, photos, graphics, brochures and proposals to be distributed to buyers.

  • Presence of your stand in all relevant digital pavilions (by geography, type and experience) at the same time

  • Alert system to notify you of contact requests

  • Receipt of data relating to visitors who have left their business card, with: first name & surname, company, role, country, email, telephone number, website

  • Bi-monthly report with: 

  • Number and origin of overall visitors who have come to the stand 

  • List of buyers who have left their business card 

  • Number and origin of visitors who have viewed your presentations in the Auditorium podcast

  • Participation in MICE  Trend Club activities: programme of promotional initiatives attended in person, fam trips and networking activities 

The following are not included

  • Organisation of presentations in the Auditorium, which involve:

- Hosting by professional show hosts 
- Technical direction 
- Use of latest technologies. 
- Inclusion among the presentations in the “Videos on                        demand” podcast, so that they are always available to buyers.
- Promotional activities with:
- Customised invitations to buyers, 
- Publication in the “Inspiration” fortnightly online newsletter,              dedicated to the experiential sector and sent to 30,000 MICE &        Luxury buyers
- Dissemination on social media

  • Attendance at themed presentations and promotional conferences

  • The publication of editorials in the “MICE Trend News” fortnightly online newsletter, dedicated to the experiential sector and sent to 30,000 MICE & Luxury buyers 

How it works

  1. Registration will be completed with payment of the relative fee, upon which we will send you the instructions and login details you will need to access the platform. 

  2. First, you must indicate the themed pavilions you wish your stand to be placed in, and the reference points with which to be identified by buyers who may be of interest to you.

  3. You can then choose your stand and set it up. The process is intuitive, quick and easy. To do this, you will receive a tutorial in  PDF format, which will guide you through every step. Our team will be available should you need their help.

  4. Having completed this quick step, your promotion will begin, projecting you into the most powerful digital platform for the MICE & Luxury markets, with an audience of 30,000 buyers from all over the world.

  5. You can always monitor your stand from your dashboard, and every time you get a contact request, you will receive an alert in real time, enabling you to connect immediately by video conference to the interested buyer or schedule a call for later.

  6. For every contact request, you will receive all the information related to the buyer, while for simple visits, you will receive a report showing the number of visits.

  7. Your dashboard will also give you direct access to all planned initiatives and activities.

To proceed to book your booth , click the button below

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