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The art of making gelato in Italy and the ritual of eating it

The sun outside the windows of Italian homes is blazing hot.

During the summer, one of the most delicious and iconic ways to experience Italy is through its gelato, a frozen treasure that has been part of its culinary heritage for centuries.

The art of making gelato in Italy is not just a matter of mixing ingredients, but also of preserving a tradition that dates back 4,000 years.

What was once a mixture of snow, fruit and honey that came from Asia and arrived in Italy thanks to the Arabs became over time a product that was in demand, studied and evolved by the genius of masters who could not yet call themselves gelato makers but who unknowingly marked the heritage of Italian cuisine. The fruits of the land mixed with the snow of Volcano Etna in Sicily were some of the firsts ideas of gelato Italy had the chance to taste.

At first the ingredients for ice cream were only three: milk, sugar and eggs. Sometimes wine.

Time has brought new flavors, new trends, a new way to experience that sweet moment of coolness that only ice cream can give.

The ritual of eating gelato in Italy is also a way to enjoy the beauty and diversity of the country. Whether you choose a cone or a cup, you can savor the creamy texture and rich taste of gelato as you stroll the streets, admire the architecture, or relax in a piazza. Ice cream is not just a dessert, but a social and cultural phenomenon that brings people together, makes people happy and transcends generations.

And never forget the sicilian brioche with gelato, one of the finest delicacy you can taste in this wonderful and surprising island.

It is an experience that stimulates your senses and emotions, and connects you with the history and culture of Italy. It is a way to discover the true essence of the creativity of master gelato makers and give a deep sense of the quality of the raw materials that are used and blended to make each scoop, precious.

It doesn't matter if it's in the north or south, in a small village or in the hustle and bustle of a big city, these places of culinary pleasure are everywhere and it's hard to do without them.

Imagine sitting on a bench overlooking a glorious garden or facing the sea. Or among the tables of crowded city bars. Or deftly strolling through the sunny streets of a town paying attention to the melting scoops on the fingers of your hand. All this is the gelato experience.

Total immersion in the flavor and beauty of one of the most iconic products of the Italian pastry art.

If you had to choose, where would you like to enjoy gelato in Italy? Cone or cup?

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