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Meeting high-end MICE buyers: why Med Market is different from other B2B events.

Updated: Jun 18

The high-end events market has changed: whether it's corporate events, incentives, anniversaries, or private events, what today's "top spender" clients seek is no longer just material luxury for its own sake, but rather an engaging and exclusive experience with a high degree of personalization. Choices made by buyers are influenced not only by the beauty of a location or the amenities and services of a hotel but also - and above all - by their ability to offer an emotional, unique, and authentic travel experience.

This holds true across all thematic segments of tourism: from food & wine to golf, from weddings to wellness. To capture the international market of high-end aggregate events, operators must now be able to offer tailor-made solutions that enhance the destination through the direct enjoyment of its most authentic aspects, engaging participants in experiences where they are the absolute protagonists.

The Med Market formula for matching supply and demand.

And it is precisely the themes of travel experience, personalization, and authenticity that characterize the upcoming edition of Med Market, the promotional-commercial symposium dedicated to the high-end events market, which will take place from October 16 to 18, 2019 at the Excelsior Hotel in Lido di Venezia, a historic icon of luxury hospitality beautifully restored today.

Med Market's objective is to bring together a high-profile demand (event organizers looking for innovative and personalized solutions where authenticity and exclusivity are the guiding values) with the most creative supply (visionary operators offering extraordinary locations and contexts, unique and exciting experiences) with a formula that sets it apart from other B2B events in the MICE market, making it a particularly effective tool for promotion and commercialization.

Strengths of Med Market:

  • The 2:1 buyer/supplier ratio, essential to ensure operators meet buyers interested in their products.

  • The specificity of the buyers' area of interest, limited to Mediterranean countries, ensuring focused matches and negotiations.

  • Operators can choose buyers to meet after viewing their profiles, schedules, and areas of interest online.

  • The exclusive "Full business" formula integrating scheduled face-to-face meetings with opportunities for operators to showcase their "excellences" to interested buyers.

  • Guarantee to meet 35, 50, or 70 buyers, based on the chosen format, all with schedules tailored to the operator's specific offerings.

  • Opportunities to engage with influential international industry specialists on market trends and best marketing strategies.

Buyer Selection:

  • 100 international buyers from the USA, UK, Northern Europe, and Arab countries have already been accredited for Med Market 2019, selected based on specific experiential event orientations already in their programming.

Networking Value:

  • The event's engaging program allows participants to expand their network, socialize to better know buyers, influencers, and colleagues during lunches, glamorous parties, and planned networking activities.

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